About Blizzard Frozen Drinks

Blizzard Frozen Drinks was founded in 2005 with the purpose of developing natural beverage products for school canteens. We have since expanded our customer base to include schools, sporting clubs/associations, service stations, convenience stores, swimming pools, take aways, fast food, mixed business, newsagency, etc. 

Blizzard Frozen Drinks, an Australian Owned company, is a proud supporter of the Australian Made Campaign. 

Our Blizzard range of products are manufactured locally under strict guidelines and formulas developed by Blizzard Frozen Drinks.  We proudly source all ingredients and packaging from Australian companies.

Blizzard were the first company in Australia to register a frozen beverage range with natural flavours and natural colours, with the Healthy Kids Association.

Blizzard is built on the following principles:

  • Natural products
  • Customer Service - “Service Guarantee”
  • Product is consistent, identical each and every time a drink is poured
  • Provide a superior product via frozen drink and instant hot chocolate dispensers
  • Reliable and professional in all customer interactions
  • Well maintained and up to date equipment


"Blizzard"  and "Blizzard FRUITZ" are registered trademarks of The Blizzard Group.

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